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 Welcome to my Website 

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My name is Dave Melton

This site contains my rambling thoughts and memories of some faces and places that I have been lucky enough to enjoy over the years.

First let me introduce my closest friends

Enjoying a day out on the London Eye                                     This is my wife Christine

As you can see from the photograph below I am a man of many summers. At leisure on my 65th birthday.

I have been very fortunate as with the help of my dear wife Chris we have run various successful businesses which has allowed us to enjoy our passion for travel. 

It would be impossible to list all the hundreds of places we have visited around the world but I am compiling a list along with slide shows in the travel section

If not in my office at Firetrace Ltd.
Or tinkering in my workshop
see innovationpage 

I can usually be found pottering about on one of my boats       

see Boating page)

Unless we are away on our travels

See travel page

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